Affinity Fuels

Why Affinity?

Affinity Fuels, Buying Better, Together

Online or offline, traditional, or digital, consistency in our communications is crucial. Which shouldn’t be too difficult as our aim is pretty straightforward. We’re on a mission to make buying heating oil easier and more cost-effective for anyone living in a rural community, and we provide an industry-leading service.

Rooted deeply in experience, our exceptional team draws on two decades of farmer-focused insights. As part of the AF Group, we channel this wealth of knowledge to simplify and enhance the heating oil buying experience. By choosing us, you become part of a community that prioritises excellent service, holds deep ties to the British landscape, and fosters a commitment to strengthening our rural economy. Acknowledged as the UK’s leading, future-focused, technology enabled, data-led, multichannel buying group, the AF Group know precisely how to raise standards and lower costs across the board for its members.

With the backing of the AF Group, Affinity Fuels can offer consumers the choice of joining a fuel buying community that delivers superior value, exceptional customer service, and a genuine connection with rural Britain.