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Matthew Selfe, Affinity
Matthew Selfe, Affinity
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Winter Update – 28/10/2023

As temperatures drop, the cost of heating our homes becomes a concern for many and finding ways to save money on heating oil can greatly impact your winter expenses. In this article, we will explore practical strategies to help you maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Oil boiler ban pushed back to 2035 – 21/09/2023

The oil boiler ban has been pushed back to 2035, following the Prime Minister’s announcement of changes to a number of policies. Kerosene boilers had been planned to be phased out from 2026 onwards.

What you can do to help your existing boiler last longer.

Our advice would be to make sure your boiler and oil tank are serviced regularly by qualified OFTEC engineers.

You could consider choosing a Premium Kerosene for a greener, cleaner burn. Premium Kerosene can optimise performance and will help to inhibit corrosion.

Help with bills if you use alternative fuels – 19/09/2023

If you use alternative fuels for your heating, the government will have given you a £200 payment. This is called the ‘Alternative Fuels Payment’. Your electricity supplier should have made an automatic payment to you in February 2023.

Are you struggling to afford heating oil?

You might be able to get extra financial help. You will need to show that you can't heat your home because you can't afford it.

If you need help. Your local Citizens Advice will be able to advise what options are available for you. 

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